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Take Out/Curbside

Pick-up Menu


     Omelets: with home fries and toast


    Cheesy Western:  ham, peppers, onion, and

    your choice of cheese:   $9.50


    Garden: spinach, mushrooms, tomato,

    onions    $9.00    


    Parmesan: sausage, peppers, onions topped

    with marinara and provolone $9.50


    Black Dog: Fresh Mozzarella, roasted red

    peppers and basil pesto $9.50


    The Rynk: Philly cheesesteak with

    fried onions $9.50


    Greek Islands:  Feta cheese, spinach and

    tomatoes $9.50


    Crab: lump crabmeat, inions, spinach, Swiss

    cheese $14.00



    Pancakes, French Toast or Waffle:  $7.00


    Red, white and blue:  Strawberries, Banana,

    Blueberries $9.00

    Banana Nut $9.00    Chocolate Chip   $8.00



    Breakfast Sandwiches: served on bagel,


    toast, English muffin or roll with a

    side of home fries:

    Egg only: $5.00      Egg and any meat: $5.75

    Egg and Cheese:   $5.25

    Egg, meat and cheese: $6.00



    Breakfast Burritos:  served with home fries:


     Scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa $6.00

     Add any vegetable: .50 each

     Add bacon, sausage or ham   $2.00

     Add avocado: $2.00




     Surfer Combos:



     Clean up: two eggs with half waffle and

     either sausage or bacon $ 9.75


     A-Frame: two eggs with two triangles of

     French toast and either sausage or

     bacon $9.75


     Nose Rider: two eggs, two pancakes and

     either sausage of bacon $9.75



     Breakfast Specialties served with home fries


     OC Local:  two eggs with toast and either

     bacon or sausage $7.00


     Dawn Patrol:  two eggs and toast $5.00


     Aloha Plate: 2 eggs, sliced tomato, avocado

     and tortilla or toast   $9.00


     The Caulfield: Fried egg, choice of meat and

     cheese nestled between two slices of our

     French toast $9.50


     Tommy Boy: 3 slices French toast, 2 eggs,

     choice of meat and home fries $12.00


     OLC Wrap:  scrambled eggs, spinach,

     roasted red peppers and feta cheese in

     a whole wheat wrap.  $9.00


     Mexican Eggs 2 eggs on a tortilla with

     black beans, avocado, salsa and cheddar

     jack cheese.  $9.00


     Chipped Beef rich and creamy served

     over your choice of toast  $9.50









     Starters and Salads:



     Waverly Nachos: chips with cheddar jack

     cheese, black beans, tomatoes, onions and

     jalapeno peppers served with sour

     cream and salsa.  $9.75


    OC Summer Salad: mixed greens tossed

    with candies pecans, craisins, fresh

    strawberries and blueberries in a light

    raspberry vinaigrette.  $9.75


    Caesar Salad:  romaine tossed with croutons,

    and a garlic Caesar dressing $8.00


    Add: grilled chicken $4.00

    Add: grilled Mahi Mahi or

    grilled shrimp: $6.00


    Surfer Specials:  all lunch items come with


    choice of French fries, sweet potato fries

    or fresh fruit


    Philly Style Cheesesteaks:

    Beef:  $8.95   Pizza: $9.50  Chicken $8.95

    Buffalo Chicken $9.50


    BLAT:  bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato

    on whole wheat toast with lemon

    basil mayo   $9.50


    Surf Chicken Filet: French fried chicken

    breast sandwich with sliced pickle

    and mayo. $8.75


    OC Cheeseburger: Black Angus burger

    with your choice of cheese   $8.75

    add bacon or pork roll $2.00


    Grilled Cheese: your choice of white,

    wheat or rye $ 6.50

    add bacon or pork roll $2.00


    Chicken and Waffles:  golden waffle topped

    with French fried chicken breast $9.95


    Tacos:  your choice or flour tortilla,


    corn tortilla or lettuce leaf with shredded 

    cabbage, cheddar jack cheese and

    cilantro lime sauce.


     Mahi Mahi:  grilled, blackened or batter

     dipped and fried    $10.00


      Chipotle Shrimp and Avocado   $11.00


      Crab     $14.00



      Burritos or Bowls     $10.00



    Sweet Potato: grilled sweet potato,

    guacamole, spinach and clack beans in a

    whole wheat tortilla


    Hurricane Sandy: jerk chicken, rice, black

    beans, guacamole, cheddar jack cheese and

    mango salsa





    Cheese: grilled with cheddar jack cheese and

     served with salsa and sour cream $7.75

    Add chicken $8.95    buffalo chicken $9.25


    Cheddar Crab Avocado: lump crabmeat,

    avocado and cheddar jack cheese     $14.00






    Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced Tea, Iced

    Coffee, Fountain Soda, Assorted Juices,

    small milk, small chocolate milk $2.00



    ***Cash or Credit

    all prices include NJ State Sales Tax ***